Hi there 👋️
Young Woo is Born/Raised in Seoul, a Motion Designer based in New York City.

Previously worked at Brand New School, Hornet Inc, CollinsStudio 6,  HunterGatherer,  Viacom Networks(LOGO TV, Nick Jr.),  Fictive Kin and more

Currently works at Work&Co.

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- Graphis Annual New Talent Award Winner (Gold) x 3
- AI-AP Int'l Motion Awards 6 Selected Winner
- Motiongrapher Motionawards Nominees
- The 96th Annual Art Directors Club (Merits)
- Art Directors Club Annual Talent Show
- Recipient of Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design

Work Featured︎

- Design Award Asia (DOTD)
- IAMAG Feature
- 3DVF Feature
- Goodmoves.tv