Hi there 👋️
Young Woo is Born/Raised in Seoul, a Motion Designer based in New York City.

Previously worked at Work&CoBrand New School, Hornet Inc, Collins
Studio 6,  HunterGatherer,  Viacom Networks(LOGO TV, Nick Jr.),
Fictive Kin and more

Currently works at Porto Rocha.

feel free to email me ︎ younggwoo@gmail.com


- Graphis Annual New Talent Award Winner (Gold) x 3
- AI-AP Int'l Motion Awards 6 Selected Winner
- Motiongrapher Motionawards Nominees
- The 96th Annual Art Directors Club (Merits)
- Art Directors Club Annual Talent Show
- Recipient of Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design

Work Featured︎

- Design Award Asia (DOTD)
- IAMAG Feature
- 3DVF Feature
- Goodmoves.tv